About Me

I have a passion for using critical thinking and analytic reasoning to tackle difficult questions and problems. Before software engineering, I came from an extensive academic background in philosophy, which included a master’s degree from the University of Oxford and teaching experience in philosophy & logic.

My enthusiasm for problem-solving turned me to programming. After learning on my own, I decided to become a software engineer. I eventually attended App Academy, a rigorous full stack web development program. As a full stack developer, I now enjoy using technologies such as React, React Native, Redux, Express, NodeJS, and Laravel but I am always looking to learn more!

Outside of programming and philosophy, I enjoy manually brewing my own coffee and following the NBA, especially my hometown Warriors.


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React | Redux | Rails | PostgreSQL | AWS S3

Full stack clone of LinkedIn, where users can create their own profiles, connect with other users, view companies within their network, and make posts/comments on a news feed.

Live · Repo


MongoDB | Express | React | Node | Redux

A typing app for users to improve their typing speed and accuracy, upload their own typing tests, and track their progress through visual graphs and leaderboards.

Live · Repo

Einstein Puzzles

Javascript | HMTL5 Canvas | Fabric.js | SCSS

A visual and interactive implementation of Einstein's famous logic puzzle, which displays houses for a user to change color or to drag & drop items into. Tracks whether user's moves are logically consistent with the clues given.

Live · Repo